Our Program

With a focus on Christian living, communion, scriptural teaching, uplifting music and sincere worship, the church offers people a place to find life, hope and real connection to God’s purpose. Please join us on a Sunday for our communion service.

With the impact of Covid based restrictions, some areas of our program have changed.
Please call David Hall on 08 8244 3444 to check if the following times are still applicable. 

All services and programs are run in a Covid-safe manner and have Covid marshals attending.


Weekly Bible Study: 10.00 to 11.15 am
(Children's Sunday School, teens & adults study)

Morning tea: 11.15 to 11.45 am

Communion: 11.45 am to 12.30 pm

Other Meetings

Monthly Bible school  - on hold

Home fellowship - on hold

Teens - Monthly meetings 7.00 pm on a Saturday

Young adults - 7.00 pm Saturdays during school term

Ladies’ meetings - Periodically as announced

Seniors (over 65’s) - Periodically as announced

Men’s breakfasts - Periodically as announced

Our Meetings

The Communion Service

Our communion service is the high point of each week. Every service is unique and exciting as we fellowship together in the Holy Spirit.

Original songs. The song leaders, joined by orchestra, welcome us and lead us in a time of singing and worship. Most of the songs we sing are original compositions written locally or in associated congregations.

‘A new song’. The communion meeting usually includes a time of spontaneous ‘new song’ as we are led by the Holy Spirit. This song has no musical score and is truly ‘new’ every time we sing. This unique way of singing is described in the Bible in Psalms, Isaiah and Revelation. As the Holy Spirit leads us, the song begins with the whole congregation singing a response of thankfulness and honour to God. This usually proceeds to specific expressions of song played on instruments or sung by individuals.

Spiritual gifts. We also make time for the Holy Spirit to speak with us in gifts of the Spirit such as a prophetic word, a word of knowledge, a word of wisdom, etc.

The Communion Table. Each Sunday we share in communion - the bread and the cup. Jesus encouraged those who followed Him to take the bread and drink the cup ‘in remembrance’ of Him. For all believers, the communion is a proactive participation in Christ’s body, which is the church.

During this morning service, a freewill offering is collected to help cover our running expenses.

All are welcome to attend our communion service and to participate in the bread and the cup with us.

Sunday Bible Classes

Following morning tea is an all-age teaching programme with sessions for children, teenagers and adults.

We use the popular SonSeekers material for Sunday School. Your children are very welcome, even if you are not a regular attendee at WLCF. You can find out more about Sonseekers by going to www.sonseekers.com.au

The teens also have their own class that is taught by an able and dedicated team of teachers.

The adult teaching session provides grounding in various biblical themes ranging from Christian foundations, godly culture and living, to subjects concerning prophesy and end-times.

We love the Word of God and are devoted to its study and proclamation!

Monthly Bible School

This usually occurs (subject to confirmation) on the third Saturday of each month from 7.00 to 9.00 pm, and is open to all comers free of charge. Two or three speakers systematically cover topics including sound doctrine, prophetic and end times themes, and ‘present truth’.

Attendees are encouraged to bring note taking equipment and a Bible.

Details for this programme can be found by phoning David Hall on 08 8244 3444

Home Fellowships

As the name suggests, these meetings take place in various homes across Adelaide. On the first and third Wednesday of each month families gather for singing, prayer and discussion, fellowship and support.

Because these take place in private homes the locations are not published and attendance is by invitation.


Without a doubt, the teenage years are some of the most exciting and challenging in a young person’s life.

Our teenager programme seeks to support parents/guardians to guide their teenagers in the journey from childhood to becoming an adult.

The teenagers meet fortnightly on a Saturday (and parents are welcome to attend). These meetings take a number of forms, encompassing teaching, worship and training, as well as recreational activities such as barbeques, games nights, etc.

Details for this programme can be found by phoning Matthew Woolley on 0413 887 543

Young Adults

This is a discipleship program built around four areas: teaching in the word, Christian culture, worship and skills training and mobilization towards outreach. We concentrate on living the Christian life and serving our generation.

There is a strong emphasis on training in the Word of God and in song, and in building strong Christian relationships.

Details for this programme can be found by phoning Andrew Ready on 08 84438378.

Ladies’ Fellowship

Periodically, usually once per term, our ladies gather for fellowship, singing, testimony and word. These take place on a Wednesday night at the church. Details for this gathering can be found by phoning David Hall on 08 8244 3444.


This periodic gathering takes place at various venues and provides fellowship and encouragement for those over 60. This is a friendly group who will welcome any visitors.

Details for this gathering can be found by phoning David Hall on 08 8244 3444.